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Trash Cans:   May not be put out for collection sooner than the day before pickup and must be returned to the garage or otherwise out of view on the day of pickup (Mondays, except holidays).   The County will pickup only what is in the garage can.   Do not place excess garbage beside the garbage can.

The Shores Board of Directors
Bill Redkey, President, [email protected]
Bob Johnson, Treasurer, [email protected]
Tom Daly, Secretary, [email protected]
Edward Tarmey, Director, [email protected]
Becky Shifman, Director, [email protected]


Dear Homeowner,

In the fall of 2016 the HOA contracted with Aspen Roofing of Salt Lake City to inspect all roofs in our community. This was part of the reserve study which all HOAs are required to conduct at least every 5 years. We requested that Aspen provide us with the following deliverables:

  1. A full inspection and report of each roof
  2. An estimated replacement cost in current dollars
  3. An estimated useful life remaining.

As per our CC&Rs, all homeowners are responsible for repairs and maintenance of their roofs which includes gutters and heat tape. The HOA maintains a reserve account to fund the eventual roof replacement at the end of useful life. This study provides information that allows the HOA to continue to fund the reserve account annually in order to make our financial commitment at the time roofs need replacement.

We are including a link below that includes the inspection reports with photographs. The inspection reports are done by building which in most cases includes your neighbor. The HOA recommends that you review the report and seriously consider the items listed. By maintaining your roof it will prolong the useful life and avoid potential damages to the inside of your home.

The HOA does not endorse or recommend Aspen Roofing for these repairs. Homeowners are free to obtain another opinion or quote and use any contractor they would like to complete the repairs. If you would like to use Aspen Roofing you can contact Ash Rowland at 801-483-1660 Website: www.aspen-roofing.com

Aspen roofing has also stated they will work with individual homeowners to identify the repairs and cost of each side of the building where possible so that each homeowner will only be responsible for their respective unit.

To view or download the inspection reports you can find them at this link:


Please find your address and click on the respective folder. The PDF file will contain the actual report. If you have any problem in viewing or downloading this information, please send an email to Bob Johnson at [email protected] and he will email you your report and photos.

Facilities at Stillwater Lodge:  Please note that our Members, renters and guests do not have access to any amenities at the Stillwater Lodge including access to exercise room, conference rooms, pool, or parking areas.

:   The dumpsters located at the end of Stillwater Drive belong to and are maintained by the Village at the Shores condos and not the Shores at Stillwater community.    Please do not deposit any trash or debris in these dumpsters.    If you rent your unit, you are also responsible for making sure that your renters and/or property managers are aware of this requirement.    Your assistance is appreciated and will help us to maintain good relationships with our neighbors at the Village. 

:   Please make sure that your renters and rental agents understand and review community rules and regulations before renting a unit.   We have had a few incidents over the summer and fall where renters were excessively noisy after 10pm, creating a nuisance for nearby neighbors.  Ultimately owners are responsible for the actions of their renters and can be fined.   Please refer to the Governing Documents and Policies pages on this website for more details.

Parking:  We would like to remind everyone of the parking restrictions at The Shores.  Please be aware that Wasatch County prohibits street parking during the winter months at any time.   This is posted at our community entry on Vista Drive.    Our Shores at Stillwater regulations also prohibit overnight parking all year round as posted.   Section V, subsection 11 of the CC&Rs, provides that 'Overnight street and/or curb side parking [of any type of vehicle, including boats and RVs]. . . at any time [all year long] is strictly prohibited.'   The reasons are that snow plows must be able to clear the streets when it snows, street parking obstructs views, blocks fire hydrants, and may hinder access by emergency vehicles.    The Rules and Regulations also provide for unpleasant fines for violators--up to $100 per day of violation. The fines must be paid by the owner in violation, even if the house is occupied by a renter.  If you rent out your house, please be sure your renters and property managers are aware of and abide by the rules so you don't have to pay the fine.  Please refer to the rules and regulations stored in the Governing Documents folder on the community website. Governing documents 

Dogs:   Dogs must be on leach at all times when no indoors.

Quiet Time:  Out of respect for others, quiet time begins at 10:00PM

Design Review Committee:    Please refer to Policies on the website regarding the Design Review Committee and other Policies adopted by the Board.    Adding color to the garden and porch/walkway areas on your lots does not require advanced approval as long as there are no changes to the irrigation system required.

Community Association Board of Trustees contact information can be found in the Community Directory.   (If you have general Association questions, or questions about Association finances, landscaping services, design reviews, rules/restrictions, or Website content), contact:

          Bill Redkey, President      email: [email protected]
          Bob Johnson, Treasurer   email: [email protected]
          Tom Daly, Secretary       email: [email protected]
          Edward Tarmey, Director email: [email protected]
          Becky Shifman, Director  email: [email protected]

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